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“Carmen is diabetic”, the doctor told us.

Our world fell apart when we heard those terrible words.

“Carmen suffers from Diabetes Mellitus 1, it is a chronic disease and it does not have a cure”, he continued.

We could not believe what we were hearing, we were so misinformed at that time that we thought that very few people, mainly old people, suffered from it, but not our Carmen, SHE WAS ONLY 4!!

“They must be wrong” ,we repeated. We denied once and again these words no one wants to hear “Diabetic, Good Lord!!”

While trying to accept it, which was not easy, there was a period of confusion and insecurity, we used to ask ourselves : WHY our daughter? WHAT were we going to do?, HOW were we going to get over it?

After we resigned ourselves to accepting the evidence, we started to look at the future, always keeping in mind our beautiful Carmen. For us, it was so hard, that anyone who has a child with our daughter’s problem can imagine how we were feeling at that time. However, it was so different for Carmen, she took it as a game and we do not know why, but since the very first moment she accepted diabetes with all the shots as if nothing had happened. We thank her every single day because she continuously gives us a life lesson, so her attitude has helped us a lot.

Consequently our lives, like many other parents who have a diabetic child, has completely changed, so our main goal has always been getting for our child the best standard of living.

Our story, however, did not end here, there was an extra point.

Carmen had different basal needs during the day, mainly in the morning and at night. Her endocrinologist suggested getting the insulin bomb for her, so new fears appeared again, we were then afraid of what to do in the summer, at the pool, on the beach, the clothes she could wear, and so on. There seemed to be no other alternative and after asking Carmen for her opinion, so mature for a 6-year-old girl, we decided for it.

The doctor’s appointment did never seem to arrive, but it did, and Carmen got her bomb, she chose the pink bomb, of course.

The beginnings with the bomb were not easy, we were skeptical about it, but little by little we got used to it thanks to my wife, Mara, who is really Carmen ́s pancreas.

At the moment Carmen is 7, she is a very smart sporty happy girl and she has a year-and-a-half brother, Angel (after his father), we are a very happy family living together with diabetes and dreaming about a cure for it in the near future.



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